Finland-“Land of a Thousand Lakes” – Baltic Herring stuffed with Smoked Salmon

Finland is know as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes.” It is the country farthest east in Scandinavia.It is full of natural beauty, and it’s people full of a prideful Scandinavian culture. From the Finnish sauna, to herring markets and information on Baltic sea cruise lines linking the capital of Finland, Helsinki to other Nordic ports of call. This post should be informative and excite people to want to head north to Finland and enjoy a truly special and pure Scandinavian holiday.

Inspirational Cooking | When Recipes Just Aren’t Enough

“Inspirational Cooking” is a therapeutic concept that Franco Lania shares in this post. To use the act of cooking to inspire others to get up and moving again once they are faced with hardships that have caused them to loose their “zest” for life. The act of cooking with this kind of conscious awareness can be just as powerful and healing to some as is the act of eating nutritionally balanced foods.

Italian Easter Pie | Pizza Rustica

The one, the only, Italian Easter Pie, “pizza rustica” also known as Easter “meat pie.” This is a time-honored celebratory Easter dish in Italian culture and has extended to non-Italians alike. This pie is absolutely delicious, filled with some the best of Italian cheeses and meats. What a wonderful way to break the 40 day Christian fast of “Lent” that takes place prior to Easter Sunday and to begin the celebrations of the powerful message of Easter and the rebirth of springtime in nature.

Silver Seas – World Cruise!

“As a chef , when one mentions Madagascar, I automatically think of vanilla beans.”Vanilla Beans” of Madagascar are cherished around the world as quite simply the very best. In my experiences as a chef…these beans are usually horded away and locked down in the chef’s office and rationed out…to the cooks in very controlled amounts because of the simple fact that these beans are extremely expensive.

World Cruise | Africa-Arabia-Mediterranean

“Follow Franco” on a winter cruise. Starting off at the island of Mauritius, in the south-west region of the Indian Ocean. The tour will end in the far reaches of the Mediterranean in mid-summer, 2011.
Franco, will share the daily life activities as a chef on board one of the world’s finest luxury cruise lines as he cooks and lives at sea. To: “Follow Franco” find him on facebook or twitter under the name Chef Franco Lania, and his blog |

Clams Oreganata – Feast of the Seven Fishes

“Feast of the Seven Fishes” is a time honored Christmas Eve tradition. The traditional abstinence from meat for Roman Catholics has lead to the time honored celebration of a feast of fish. This tradition is still very strong in countries like Italy where the feast is called “La Viglia”, the Vigil.
The custom was brought to the United States by Southern Italian immigrants in the late 1800’s early 1900’s and is still practiced in many Italian-American homes on Christmas Eve today.