10th Annual Helsinki Book Fair

The 10 annual Helsinki book fair will be held from October 28th-October 31, 2010, in the Helsinki convention Center.
This is a favorite autumn event, for literary lovers and industry folk to gather for four days of books, signings,readings,and discussions from a plethora of industry professionals.

The “Granddaddy” of Pumpkin Desserts – Pumpkin Pie

No collection of pumpkin recipes would be complete without a great recipe for the “granddaddy” of all pumpkin inspired desserts. Pumpkin Pie! This recipe has rum added to the pie filling along with some delicious Fall spices. The crust is an exceptional ginger-snap-crust. Since this is a mousse pie, only the crust needs to bake and then the pie crust once cooled is filled and chilled to set the mousse. Delicious ~ Happy Autumn!

Grilled Roman Burger & Fennel Slaw

Roman Burgers are perfect for grilling. The Fetta cheese and the herbs mixed in to the ground beef add a depth of flavor that is truly unique when grilled over an open flame. The fennel slaw is just a nice twist and adds to the Mediterranean of the dish. This is truly a must do when having a BB-Q

The Next Food Network Star… Season 7

Chef Franco Lania is in the running for the coveted position on TVFN’s “The Next Food Network Star 7”
Franco is a well traveled and seasoned chef with an uncompromising passion for cuisine. He is personality plus…he would make excellent TV and be a sure breath of fresh air for TVFN.
Stay tuned>>> Vote for Franco!