Uplifting Oklahoma – Memorial Day Grilling!

It’s Memorial Day weekend! This year, unfortunately, there are those who are facing a very different holiday weekend. I’m talking about the folks in Oklahoma City who were left devastated from the tornado. A helping hand can make all the difference in
the world. And if it can come in the form of a grill fork and a nicely grilled hamburger, well, all the better. Happy Memorial Day!

Taste for Travel: Franco Lania

Read all about Chef Franco Lania’s exclusive interview with “Taste for Travel. In this interview, learn about what inspires this chef to travel, what his favorite flavors are and how refreshing the simplicity of Scandinavian cooking is.

Franco’s French Baguette Recipe

Yeast doughs are alive! Yes, they can be tricky to work with at times, but nothing is as satisfying and exciting as successfully baking a delicious loaf of bread. Remember bread and mankind are old friends that knead each other!