Chef Franco Lania

Zabaglione & Summertime Berries

The recipe for a zabaglione couldn’t be any simpler. It is a simple ratio of ingredients. When whipped together with proper technique produces a delicious and divine foam like custard. That is a perfect accompaniment for summertime berries and figs.

Amateur Cooks – Master Chefs

“Chef” and “Master Chef” are two titles in the culinary profession that have been diluted down over the last 10-15 years by TV programing in order to latch on to cool wordage that will enable them to attract more viewers and increase ratings. The adverse affect of all this is explained further in this post.

Finland-“Land of a Thousand Lakes” – Baltic Herring stuffed with Smoked Salmon

Finland is know as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes.” It is the country farthest east in Scandinavia.It is full of natural beauty, and it’s people full of a prideful Scandinavian culture. From the Finnish sauna, to herring markets and information on Baltic sea cruise lines linking the capital of Finland, Helsinki to other Nordic ports of call. This post should be informative and excite people to want to head north to Finland and enjoy a truly special and pure Scandinavian holiday.

Inspirational Cooking | When Recipes Just Aren’t Enough

“Inspirational Cooking” is a therapeutic concept that Franco Lania shares in this post. To use the act of cooking to inspire others to get up and moving again once they are faced with hardships that have caused them to loose their “zest” for life. The act of cooking with this kind of conscious awareness can be just as powerful and healing to some as is the act of eating nutritionally balanced foods.

Italian Easter Bread | Pane di Pasqua

Easter breads are made in various countries in the Mediterranean and northern Europe. From the origins of the word “Easter” to the making of the delicious celebratory Italian Easter bread, this post sums up nicely the spirit of Easter and its connection to the “inspirational rebirth” that takes place at springtime in nature each year.

Italian Easter Pie | Pizza Rustica

The one, the only, Italian Easter Pie, “pizza rustica” also known as Easter “meat pie.” This is a time-honored celebratory Easter dish in Italian culture and has extended to non-Italians alike. This pie is absolutely delicious, filled with some the best of Italian cheeses and meats. What a wonderful way to break the 40 day Christian fast of “Lent” that takes place prior to Easter Sunday and to begin the celebrations of the powerful message of Easter and the rebirth of springtime in nature.