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Sailing off to Reunion Island – Indian Ocean!

Gastronomy is a way of life in Creole cultures, Reunion Island,in the Indian Ocean being no different. The pride of the cuisine is held dear in the timely culinary secrets passed down from generation to generation. The cuisine here is very aromatic. A plethora of races and nationalities has contributed to the integration of cuisines from India, China, France, Madagascar and the African mainland making the local food, interesting and exotic. I was fortunate to have gone to an outdoor food market while on my visit to the island. My insight is shared in this post.

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Madagascar-Nosy Be

Nosy Be., Madagascar is an island meant to be explored more so than visited. The island in the Indian Ocean about 10 miles off the coast of Madagascar. Referred to as the “Perfume Island” because of the beautiful fragrances of ylang-ylang, vanilla beans and pepper.

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Silver Seas – World Cruise!

“As a chef , when one mentions Madagascar, I automatically think of vanilla beans.”Vanilla Beans” of Madagascar are cherished around the world as quite simply the very best. In my experiences as a chef…these beans are usually horded away and locked down in the chef’s office and rationed out…to the cooks in very controlled amounts because of the simple fact that these beans are extremely expensive.

Chef Franco Lania - Oceania Cruises

World Cruise | Africa-Arabia-Mediterranean

“Follow Franco” on a winter cruise. Starting off at the island of Mauritius, in the south-west region of the Indian Ocean. The tour will end in the far reaches of the Mediterranean in mid-summer, 2011.
Franco, will share the daily life activities as a chef on board one of the world’s finest luxury cruise lines as he cooks and lives at sea. To: “Follow Franco” find him on facebook or twitter under the name Chef Franco Lania, and his blog |

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10th Annual Helsinki Book Fair

The 10 annual Helsinki book fair will be held from October 28th-October 31, 2010, in the Helsinki convention Center.
This is a favorite autumn event, for literary lovers and industry folk to gather for four days of books, signings,readings,and discussions from a plethora of industry professionals.


Barbie Birthday Party – Helsinki

After an almost two week delay due to the volcano eruption in Iceland, I finally made it to Helsinki. The weather was very much the same as here in NYC. It was actually, sunny low 40’s and not snowing! This is just the way I like Helsinki, you get the feel of being way north, […]

Big Ben - London

London Calling – Le Cordon Bleu

As a young man who was just about to graduate from the Hudson County Culinary Institute in New Jersey, I knew I wanted more! So I enrolled to Le Cordon Bleu in London.

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