6 Different Ways To Cook Eggs for Your Restaurant

Offering more than one option for preparing certain foods ensures every customer leaves your restaurant pleased with their meal. A menu with variety, especially with a simple ingredient like eggs, pulls more revenue for your business and allows for experimentation with new dishes. When trying new recipes, always remember to practice food safety in the […]

A Fabulous Greek Pita for Your Gyros and More!

This Greek pita bread recipe is a great find! I was organizing recipes from years ago when I worked on a Greek cruise ship.  While working in an international environment chefs often do a lot of recipe sharing with one another.  One of the Greek bakers gave me his very delicious pita recipe for gyros. When he gave me the recipe he said it’s perfect for gyros and much more. You’ll see!

Lake Lily Park (Bird Sanctuary) and Much More | Orlando Florida

Hello everyone! Here is a quick video I took while at Lake Lily Park which is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida.  This park is an absolutely beautiful area to walk around, jog, bike ride, or simply relax. It is a bird sanctuary with some very interesting-looking birds, and the lake is home […]